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This work is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. By downloading SHIFT, you agree to follow this license.

Creative Commons Licence
If you use our dataset or codes in a research project, we kindly ask you to cite our paper as:

    author    = {Sun, Tao and Segu, Mattia and Postels, Janis and Wang, Yuxuan and Van Gool, Luc and Schiele, Bernt and Tombari, Federico and Yu, Fisher},
    title     = {{SHIFT:} A Synthetic Driving Dataset for Continuous Multi-Task Domain Adaptation},
    booktitle = {Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)},
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Download by script

We recommend to download SHIFT using the Python download script. You can select the subset of views, data group, splits and framerates of the data to download. A usage example is shown below. You can find the abbreviation for views and data groups in the following tables.

python --view  "[front, front_left]" \    # list of view abbreviation to download
                   --group "[img, semseg]" \          # list of data group abbreviation to download 
                   --split "[train, val, test]" \     # list of splits to download 
                   --framerate "[images, videos]" \   # chooses the desired frame rate (images=1fps, videos=10fps)
                   --shift "discrete" \               # type of domain shifts: discrete, continuous/1x, continuous/10x, continuous/100x
                   dataset_root                       # path where to store the downloaded data

In our Github repo, you can find useful tools for data loading and data conversion!

Front Left (used as stereo pair with the Front)left_stereo
Left 45°left_45
Left 90left_90
Right 45°right_45
Right 90right_90
Table 1: Abbreviation for views.
Data GroupAbbreviation
RGB Imageimg
LiDAR Point Cloudslidar
2D Detection and Trackingdet_2d
3D Detection and Trackingdet_3d
Semantic Segmentationsemseg
Instance Segmentationdet_insseg_2d
Optical Flowflow
Depth Mapsdepth
Table 2: Abbreviation for data groups.

Download manually

You can also access our file server here directly.