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This work is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. By downloading SHIFT, you agree to follow this license.

Creative Commons Licence
If you use our dataset or codes in a research project, we kindly ask you to cite our paper as:

    author    = {Sun, Tao and Segu, Mattia and Postels, Janis and Wang, Yuxuan and Van Gool, Luc and Schiele, Bernt and Tombari, Federico and Yu, Fisher},
    title     = {{SHIFT:} A Synthetic Driving Dataset for Continuous Multi-Task Domain Adaptation},
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Download by script

We recommend to download SHIFT using the Python download script. You can select the subset of views, data group, splits and framerates of the data to download. A usage example is shown below. You can find the abbreviation for views and data groups in the following tables.

python --view  "[front, front_left]" \    # list of view abbreviation to download
                   --group "[img, semseg]" \          # list of data group abbreviation to download 
                   --split "[train, val, test]" \     # list of splits to download 
                   --framerate "[images, videos]" \   # chooses the desired frame rate (images=1fps, videos=10fps)
                   dataset_root                       # path where to store the downloaded data
Front Left (used as stereo pair with the Front)left_stereo
Left 45°left_45
Left 90left_90
Right 45°right_45
Right 90right_90
Table 1: Abbreviation for views.
Data GroupAbbreviation
RGB Imageimg
LiDAR Point Cloudslidar
2D Detection and Trackingdet_2d
3D Detection and Trackingdet_3d
Semantic Segmentationsemseg
Instance Segmentationdet_insseg_2d
Optical Flowflow
Depth Mapsdepth
Table 2: Abbreviation for data groups.

Download manually

You can also access our file server here directly.